Script Tease

Gästspel International Theater Stockholm (IT`S)

International Theater Stockholm presents the National Theatre of the World’s – Script Tease Project.
This show is a playwright’s dream and an actor’s nightmare! A local playwright writes the two first pages of a new play. The script is kept a secret from the actors until the play starts. All they will know beforehand is what costumes to wear and how to set the stage. The play starts with the actors cold reading the script for the very first time on stage in front of the audience. After reading the two pages the actors will drop the script and improvise the rest of the play. What happens next nobody knows…
In the second act, Kat & Josh, the founders of IT’S, present their popular improvised duo show – Lemonade. Based on the famous expression “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” this show is inspired by audience members' sour personal stories. As passionate storytellers Kat & Josh take the audience on a wild character-driven journey that is both playful and outrageous as well as dramatic and vulnerable.
The shows are performed in English
Föreställningens längd 2h including one intermission

Press- och publikröster 
“Kat & Josh are hilarious! I love the show! They do such great variations of characters and stories taking the audience on a wild emotional journey every single time. Kat and Josh are such a great team, they are playful, talented and so in sync that it feels like they are one mind sometimes. You do not wanna miss this show!" – audience member

Medverkande Script Tease & Lemonade
Cast Josh Lenn, Katarina Wahlberg and guests
Musician Annika Olsson
Producer  International Theater Stockholm 


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Fre 19 maj kl 20

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