Press reviews:
"This is so good I keep forgetting it´s a childrenshow"
" The kids are sitting like meerkats, still , silent, and observant .Enchanted"
" A tribute to Chih Yuan Chens book/.../and an accolade to imagination, humour, and the unlimited art of mime."


"Multi-layered children’s theatre about identity"
" A joyful journey with plenty of music, singing and dancing"

Alingsås Tidning

" The tightly-knit ensemble, Martina Grimstedt, Sara Ribbenstedt and Ana Stanisic,play waddling ducks and sneaky crocodiles. They possess a great sense of physical dynamic acting and contact with the audience."
"Daniel Goldmann’s motion-based directing and Jörgen Aggeklint’s effective theatre music create a dramatisation that becomes, more or less, a mini-musical."
"We learn to appreciate our differences and to challenge the things we take for granted."


”What a wonderful experience! Taiwanese kids loved the show!”…
”The music was sensational, and the actresses were very well trained.
Every department of the show was all to the point.”

Francis Shen/IFKIDS Taipei