«Ett litet mästerverk.»


«...virtuos Hamlet-version»   SvD

Internationella pressröster

«Ain't nothin' like a Dane», 
«A tour-de-force for Westberg.» (The Scotsman)

«Roger Westberg's miming talent is exemplary...a witty script, mime and song.»
(The Stage)
« exellent mime, Westberg makes something truly remarkable of the dumbshow sequence, played out behind a constantly opening and closing Venetian blind.» (Metro)

» brilliant he is as a mimeartist...He is a fantastic mime...the show is very funny...the show is a tour de force...It's vitally important that you like the performer, even if you don't like the characters he's playing. Westberg is winning: I immediately liked him.» (Playwright Marie Jones in The Guardian)

«Westberg's genuinely original one-man (and a musician) reinvention of the play leaves little of the original out, and even includes my own favourite scene in Shakespeare, Polonius getting stabbed in the arras. Westberg is an inventive humourist and turns in a tremendously controlled and physical performance.» (The List)